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The purpose of this tumblr is to track my food intake and physical activity.
I don't have a goal weight or anything, I'm just aiming to feel and look healthy :)
I do personal posts and reblog anything that I find useful or inspiring & I follow back :)

**Started on April 25th, 2011

Day Four - 04/28/11

Breakfast - n/a

Lunch - whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce & a homeade popsicle  (blueberries+raspberries)

Snack - a shitload of carrots hahaha

Dinner - carrot soup (carrots, vegetable broth & a tablespoon of olive oil)

* I need to start eating bigger breakfasts and smaller lunches!

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Healthy is sexy: Simple Fruit Popsicles →





* 1 (8 oz.) bottle of pomegranate juice or any other
* 1 pint fresh blueberries, plus some extras for “garnish” if you’d like
* 1 (6 oz.) container Greek yogurt

Combine all ingredients in a blender, and pulse until combined. Pour the mixture into popsicle molds or Dixie…

This looks heavenly!

(Source: ohdesserts.net, via missnutrition)

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Day Three - 04/27/11

Breakfast - Tim Hortons small mixed berry smoothie (no yogurt)

Lunch - Regular sized Quiznos veggie light sub & broccoli soup

Snack - Iced Grande Non-Fat Tazo Chai Latte

Dinner - 10 Almonds, 1 cup fruit puree, 1 serving size of apple sauce, 1/4 cup of peas with hummus.

Travelling makes eating healthy near impossible :(

— 3 years ago
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Day Two - 04/26/11

*Didn’t get a chance to post this since I was travelling

Breakfast - almonds, green tea

Lunch - 1/4 cup of carrots, 1/3 cup of peas, unknown amount of triscuits with 2-3 tbsp hummus, 1 cup fruit puree smoothie thing

Dinner - (Travel Food -_-) serving of organic pasta, blueberry walnut salad with balsalmic vinegrette and a  juicebox sized organic smoothie thing from Ikea Cafe

— 3 years ago
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